• Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology - Yorkville University

  • Bachelor's of Education - Brock University

  • B.A. History & Religious Studies - McMaster University

Dallas Thomas, RP, B.Ed., M.A.

  • Dallas is a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO in Burlington, Ontario that provides counselling and psychotherapy services.

  • He provides a caring, accepting and hopeful approach in which he helps you develop tools to overcome an entanglement of issues.

  • He considers it his calling to work with people who are dealing with mental health problems and believes people don't have to suffer alone.

A Little History

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but have spent the last 15 years in Toronto, England, South Korea and now Burlington. I was raised in an extended family of pastors, so the counselling and psychotherapy profession comes naturally to me. 

Ever since I was young, people encouraged me to pursue teaching or counselling. Whether it was their encouragement or not, I've found myself in both roles and enjoy them immensely because they serve people in a meaningful way. 

Part of my draw towards counselling and psychotherapy has been because I have reaped the benefits of it my own life. I have dealt with a great deal of life's hurts, anxiety, and fear. While everyone's experiences are unique, some are shared, and that allows me to better identify and empathize with those I'm counselling. Carl Jung  (and later Henri Nouwen) calls this the way of the "wounded healer." 

I find my particular strengths lie in dealing with issues of anxiety, depression, and relationship problems - but I have experience with a broad range of issues that I am comfortable exploring with clients. I put a strong value on professional development, and expand my knowledge and experience where possible through ongoing training, reading and supervision.

While I am not explicitly a Christian Counsellor, I do offer counselling from that worldview if clients request it. I will see clients regardless of their religious affiliation and I aim to provide an inclusive and caring approach.